i’m having trouble focusing today


Could this be because my morning work time was swallowed by three children—two mine, one not? Could it be because one of the said children had diarrhea all over my—ahem—clean-this-very-morning bathroom? Could it be that I’m in one of those writerly slumps (and full of despondency)? Could it be that I’m just impatient for spring—real spring with warm weather and the smell of flowers blooming? Could it be that I’ve run out of chocolate and I’m jonesing? Could it be that I’ve been spending so much time in front of the computer that my eyes are sore and I might need new glasses?

What. Could. It. Be?


  1. One of my favorite karate teachers once told me, “Sometimes the best thing you can do for your karate training is go to the movies.” I’m just a white belt writer but I feel pretty sure that sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing practice is go for a walk.

    I just can’t bear days like these. I just give up and try again tomorrow. Hang in there.

  2. Dude. Any ONE of those things could throw me off for a week. I’m with Lynne: take a walk (or maybe a coffee break) and try again another day. 🙂

  3. I sympathize. I went to the Chinese doctor today and had her needle my right arm which I think is developing tendonitis given the amount of time I spend on the computer. And I don’t have much to show for it!

  4. If it is any consolation. I have been off too….but there is always tomorrow….

  5. could it be a loathsome combination? of it all?

    me too. longing for REAL spring with warmth that lasts and green that puffs around the empty branches.

  6. It is absolutely the weather and criminal lack of chocolate! I had SIX kids here today at one point… only three were mine (and luckily no bathroom mishaps). I gulped down some coffee, tried to write, then gave up. I had a good glass of wine after dinner, then watched back to back episodes of The Office. It felt like a mini-vacation, minus the cabana boy. Next time I’ll have to remember the cabana boy!

  7. Okay, so it sounds like I need a long walk, chocolate, warm weather, a cabana boy, and new glasses. (The glasses and the chocolate I can do for sure. I have an appointment for an eye exam on Tuesday, which I’m hoping will help. How can I focus when I can’t focus?)

  8. I have not done any real writing in almost a year. I know it’s because I’ve put all else before it, work, new house, family. Until my home/work/family life is organized, I’ll never be able to focus inside, where my words are born. I am taking steps to achieve this way of life, one at a time.

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