happy mother’s day!


I had some quiet reading time this morning when D took the girls out to track down some fresh strawberries and a vanilla latte for me. Then with strawberries and coffee in bed, Stella presented me with all the Mother’s Day cards and stories she had written. (Some were collaborations; Zoe contributed scribbles and swirls.)
Then after a quick dance party, we walked around one of our lovely city lakes (the girls jostling for position in the wagon and calling to the ducks the whole way). The sun was glinting off the waves, tons of people were running and walking, and downtown Minneapolis was sparkling in the near distance. What could be better?
Back at home I was able to read more on the porch–an engrossing novel that I don’t even have to review! And soon we’ll be heading off on bikes to my mom’s house. A perfect day.
I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, as well. I’m so thankful for all the amazing mothers in my life. You inspire me each day. Thank you!
Please check out this really beautiful Mother’s Day essay by Jeanine DeHoney over at Literary Mama. Also scroll through the rest of the site. There’s been some wonderful material published recently.


  1. Sounds like a truly lovely day. Happy Happy Mother's day Kate!!

  2. thank you! you've been an inspiration and support to me for good long time now, too, kate!

    your mother's day sounds lovely, couldn't have been more perfect. mine was spent for the first time in 16 mother's days, away from my kids and writing. which is my other child vying for attention.

  3. sounds like a perfect day. Strawberries, coffee, walks and reading? Bliss.

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