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Saturday we held the service for my grandpa, and it was lovely. There were tears, of course, but there was also lots of laughter as people stood up and shared their memories of my grandpa—his optimism, his integrity, his sense of humor, and his extraordinary golf swing.
I read the piece I wrote last week about Grandpa’s nine lives (which I’ll now tweak and submit), and we watched the short video that was made about him a couple of years ago. (I wish I could stream it online, because it’s perfectly my grandpa…)
And Saturday morning, there was this wonderful news obituary in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Check it out here.
I know I’ve spent a lot of time writing about him here recently, and I’ve all but abandoned my author interviews. But I’m back now, and am looking forward to having Rae Meadows as a guest later this week and Lisa Catherine Harper in the next month.
So stay tuned!
Thank you, as always, for your words and for reading. 


  1. What a wonderful obituary Kate, and it was helpful for me too to read about your last days with your Grandpa Spencer. Thinking of you. xoxo

  2. Kate, you and your family have my condolences. I know spending time with a loved one in their final days can be a difficult experience but also a true blessing.

    Thanks for sharing your interview with Rae Meadows, I've put Mothers & Daughters on my reading list.

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