day 11: bump life


Thank you to Megan Flatt at BUMP Life for hosting today’s stop on the Use Your Words virtual book tour! I love Megan’s post about realizing that she’s a real writer and that writing is her passion.

Megan is the founder of BUMP Life, a blogger, a pre- and postnatal fitness expert and most importantly, a mom to two adorable children. As a mother, Megan sees how important a community of moms is for the health and well being of entire families and whole communities.  In a world that sometimes is overwhelming with “keeping up with the Joneses,” Megan and BUMP Life want to promote the “it takes a village” mentality.

Bump Life is a place to support moms and families across all aspects of our lives. A place for tips, expert advice, parenting resources and entertainment. A great place to go for information, support or just a break from our crazy lives. From fitness to finance, from diaper bags to diaper duty, for everything bump, babies and beyond, you’ll find it all at BUMP Life!

Thank you for the lovely post, Megan! Head over and check it out.

(And I apologize that I’m posting this so late in the day. I was up early and off to the airport heading to the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference. I’ll be reporting from Ashland, Ohio, this weekend, where I’m thrilled to be presenting with a slew of fabulous writers: Robert Atwan, Hope Edelman, Dinty Moore, Michelle Herman, Bob Cowser, Valerie Due, Michelle Herman, to name a few. And of course my amazing co-panelists Jill Christman, Sonya Huber and Sarah Wells. Bring it on!)

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