from one of my first students: day 16


The night before my first Motherhood & Words class, I sat on the couch, going over my notes and fretting until D handed me a glass of wine and told me that I’d do a great job. I don’t remember if I nodded or if I even believed him. I’m sure I drank the wine and I’m also sure I got up early to prepare some more.

Six years later, it’s difficult for me to imagine being nervous to teach that class. But what did I know? Not what I know now. Now, I know how grateful I am for the women who have shared their stories with me, who have bravely put their experiences as mothers down on the page. I know how grateful I am for those women who have challenged me (and continue to challenge me) to be the best mother and writer I can be.

Kara Douglass Thom is one of those women, and I’m honored that her blog, Mama Sweat, is the Day 16 stop for the Use Your Words virtual book tour. Kara, thank you for your kind words and for always inspiring me. Check out Kara’s post and try your hand at another writing exercise.


  1. What I forgot to mention in my post is that YOU are the one who kept telling me, “You NEED to be blogging.” It was with your insistence that I finally got around to it! Thank you Kate “That’s not the real story” Hopper.

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