2 spots available in the first fall session


I have two last-minute openings in my online fall Motherhood & Words class, which begins Sept. 12.
This is how it works: Each week we’ll cover a chapter or two from Use Your Words, which grew out of this online class. Students will have a chance to comment on the lecture, and we’ll have an online discussion. (This will be on a discussion board/e-mail over several days, not during a two-hour period on a certain day. That way, people can pop in whenever it’s convenient.) Each week we’ll discuss certain aspects of craft (dialogue or voice or character, etc.). Students will also have an opportunity to upload their own writing for critique. During the first few weeks, students will be able to upload a few paragraphs of writing based on what has emerged from the writing exercises. During the second half of the class, everyone will have the opportunity to have a longer piece (up to 12 pages) workshopped by the group. Workshop pieces will be uploaded on Wednesday and students must have their comments about the piece posted by the following Monday. Students will post comments right in the comment field, but I will also make comments in the actual document (using the track changes option in Word) and email it back to the student with a more in-depth critique. Reading and responding (and writing) takes a few hours a week, though how much time you spend on it is totally up to you.
It’s a really supportive environment with mother-writers of all ability levels. Class will start September 12 and will be 10 weeks long. You can pay anywhere on the $300 – $350 fee scale.
 Contact me if you’re interested. http://www.katehopper.com/contact/

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