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Every morning this week, after Donny and I have walked the girls to the bus stop, I’ve said, “Ah, I love to work at home.” And I do. There is no rushing to shower and get dressed, no driving across town to sit in an either too hot or too cold office, no trying to focus on work that is not my work, my passion. Instead, I make my decaf coffee, pour it into my “Write Like a Mother Fucker” mug, turn on the light in my tiny pantry office, and get to work. And there is a lot of work, especially with Ready for Air launching next week, but it’s all work that I love: writing, editing, teaching prep, interviewing authors, etc. etc.

Beginning next week, I will be posting every weekday for over a month. I kick off the week next week with an interview with one my favorite authors, Beth Kephart, and you can comment on that post for a chance to win Beth’s new book, Handling the Truth. Tuesday, my official release day, I’ll be kicking off the Ready for Air Book Club Contest. Wednesday, I’ll be posting about the NICU book giveaway and I’ll be requesting the names and contact info for hospitals that might benefit from a free copy of Ready for Air. Thursday: Well, Thursday I’ll get my hair cut, I think, and I might blog about that, and of course I’ll remind you to come down to the Loft to celebrate with me and drink wine with me. And Friday my blog book tour kicks off. Lots of fun stuff, my friends, so please pop over and see what’s happening here next week.

I’m also thrilled to link up to my first interview about Ready for Air. I’m grateful to Terri Sutton in the University of Minnesota’s English Department for these fabulous questions. You can read the interview here. Let me know what you think.

Thank you, always, for reading!!


  1. There is something amazing about work that is passion. And it shows for you. Enjoy the whirlwind of the book tour.

  2. WOW! That’s a lot of writing! Nice! Looking forward to all the excitement.

  3. Um, where can I get a mug like that? 🙂 Also, today Blake asked where I was going next week. Now he won’t stop saying “Minneapolis”. Like when I say he can’t have something or can’t do something. He’s all, “Ah, Minneapolis!”

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