There is nothing like reading for 125 people you love. Nothing.

Twenty minutes before each reading I’ve done over the years, I think, okay, this is it, no one is going to come. (And I actually have done a reading in a bookstore where no one came until the bookseller strong-armed a few shoppers. It ended up working out, but that’s another story.) Last night I had that familiar moment of panic, and then I went to the restroom to put on some lipstick, and when I came out, suddenly there were a gazillion people–people I love, people who have supported me for years, people whom I’ve supported. My first Motherhood & Words students brought me flowers. Another former student brought chocolate. Someone else brought more flowers. (Who did that? Tell me! They were just there at the end of the night!) Three of my oldest, closest friends flew from across the country to be there. My new friend, Angie Mizzell, whom I’d never met in person, flew from South Carolina. Love, people. Love.

The launch was tremendous. My lovely editor introduced me with a heartfelt speech. I read. The audience asked smart and interesting questions. My friend Mike spoke the kindest words about me, about my work, about perseverance. And this somehow turned into a standing ovation. For real.

This morning as I relive the night, my eyes keep filling with tears.

But the love keeps coming, because today my blog book tour kicks off at Vikki Reich’s Up Popped a Fox. I met Vikki last winter when I auditioned for the cast of Listen to Your Mother – Twin Cities. And I liked her immediately. She’s funny and warm, and did I say funny? Seriously, she had me at the dance of the peeps. Peeps, people. I love it. I love them.

Please visit Vikki’s blog and read her thoughts about Ready for Air, which made me tear up all over again. Thank you, Vikki, for your words and for your incredible writing. (Someday before too long, Vikki will finish her collection of essays, it will be acquired by some smart editor, and then I will interview her here at Motherhood & Words. So stay tuned for that!) Thank you, Vikki, for reading and posting and kicking this shindig off!


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