I would be lying if I said that the last few months (or year) has been an easy one for me. It hasn’t.

I’m still in that place of not-knowing, of guessing and experimenting with food, supplements, exercise—anything.

Still, I’m trying to be grateful for good days. I have a new acupuncturist, and she’s fabulous. That helps. I’ve started doing yoga, something that has never appealed to me, and has in the past caused injuries. But I’m open to it now, again, because I sense that will help me settle and heal. I also have a new food plan—the low FODMAP diet (oh joy!)—and I have appointments with a nutritionist and my gastroenterologist on the horizon. Small steps in hopefully the right direction.

But as I sit with discomfort and not-knowing, I am trying to practice daily gratitude. So today, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to name a few things for which I’m grateful: dance parties with my girls (those splits! those funky moves! that infectious laughter!); Donny, for everything; the girls again—their tenderness and sister love and great sense of humor; my dad and mom and stepdad; my sisters and their families; my extended family; my dear friends; our home; work that’s meaningful to me; my incredible students; our health (even though it’s challenging me right now); health care and health insurance; warm clothes; our sweet dog; and books—all those essays and novels and poems that make me feel alive.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of you reading, you who show up here even when I’ve let this blog languish. I appreciate you all. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving. What are some thing you’re thankful for this year?


  1. I’m thankful to have found you quite a while ago now. Thankful for your Motherhood and Words class that got me writing again, for real finally.

  2. Can I simply echo Sara’s comments? Motherhood and Words broke me open and allowed me to write. I think you will find the daily gratitude practice a lifesaver- I was diligent with mine when Abbey was sick & it stopped me from drowning. This too shall pass. And I am grateful for my family and health- which I never take for granted.

  3. I’m so so thankful for you. It’s been wonderful to know you in person – you’re a gift to so many! (I can picture those dance parties and those splits!) xoxo

  4. Ditto! I’m thankful for you and the Motherhood and Words class that has finally gotten me writing!! Thank you Kate!

  5. I love reading this, Kate, a few weeks after being with you in person! What a gift your words are, your class has been, So glad you are feeling a bit better. Appreciation–what a great reminder. Thank you.

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