Writing again in 2018!


For me, 2017 was not a writing year. Certainly the state of our country was a huge distraction, and it took me too long to realize that I could not check my news feeds first thing in the morning. It was also a busy year work-wise, so my creative time was limited. And the creative time I did have I spent learning how to play the bass guitar. I’m still taking lessons and I still have lots to learn, but it no longer consumes as much headspace as it did while I was trying to master the basics. Which is all to say that I’m back to writing.

One of the things I realized, though, that in order to meet my 2018 writing goals (and I have a long list of them, including blogging again regularly), I need to work outside of my house more often. I love my tiny office, love working on the couch with sweet Aguita at my feet, but I need to be around other creative people (and away from small household tasks that “just take a minute”).

So last week I joined ModernWell, the new co-working space for women in Minneapolis. I was already scheduled to teach an 8-week women’s memoir class there beginning at the end of January—Join me! You can learn more about it here!—but when I visited the space, I fell in love with it. And after my first day working there, I couldn’t wait to go back. My goal is to be very deliberate about spending time on my own creative work while I’m there.

I will also be moderating a panel at ModernWell’s kick-off literary event, which is from 1 – 7 p.m on January 28th. And I have a pair of tickets to give away here!


If you’re interested in being entered in the drawing, leave a comment below. I’ll draw a winner on January 15th.

And tell me about your own writing! How are you feeling about your creative work? What are your goals for 2018?


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