Students are drawn to writing because they want to tell a story or because language excites them. My goal is to tap into that energy and help each student, regardless of ability level, make discoveries through language. I strive to establish a nurturing classroom environment where students feel safe sharing their work and ideas and can grow as writers.

Upcoming Classes and Retreats:

It’s Tense: The Impact of Using Past or Present in Creative Nonfiction

04/25/15 | Saturday | noon – 3 p.m.

Location: Open Book, The Loft, Minneapolis

Tense is flexible and it’s powerful. What tense an author chooses to employ impacts how a memoir or essay is structured, how much reflection can happen on the page, and how readers relate to it. In this class, we will look closely at excerpts of essays and memoirs in past tense, reflective present tense and immersion present tense. Through class discussion and short writing exercises, we will explore the benefits, challenges and drawbacks of using past versus present tense as we craft our lives on the page. Participants will leave the class with a clear sense of how tense affects voice, reflection, and structure.

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Motherhood & Words Online

April 15 – June 8, 2015 (8 1/2 weeks)

Whether you are a new mom or a veteran, whether you gave birth to or adopted your child, in this online class you’ll learn how to take birth and motherhood stories and turn them into art. Weekly lectures, reading assignments and writing exercises will focus on telling details, character development, emotional distance, strengthening your reflective voice, and revision. (Use Your Words will be the primary text for the class.) You can expect to generate two to three creative nonfiction pieces, and you will have an opportunity to revise and expand one of these into a longer piece. You will receive feedback from your peers and me on what emerges from weekly writing exercises. I will also read and comment on one longer piece (10 pages) and a revision of that same piece. This class is open to writers of all ability levels! Join this online community of mothers who are interested in writing about motherhood!

Cost $325

Please e-mail me at katehopper [at] msn [dot] com if you have any questions about the class or would like to register.  Limited class size.


Motherhood & Words Mini

Thursdays – June 4 – June 25; 1 -3 p.m.

Loft About Town class held at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center – It’s a great way to get started without the commitment of a longer class.

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Women’s Memoir Retreat

Sunday, July 5 – Friday, July 10, 2015

Madeline Island School of the Arts

Writing is an act of discovery. Join this group of women writers and give yourself the space you need to dive into words. We’ll spend the week writing, sharing our writing, discussing challenges with craft, and connecting with other women who write memoir. During group meetings we will also look at examples from successful memoirs and discuss how they can be jumping off points for our own writing. I will meet with and provide individual feedback to each student.  Come prepared to immerse yourself in your writing life with other women who write.

For information about the retreat and facilities, click here. For any questions for me, please feel free to email me at katehopper [at] msn [dot] com.