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Thank you so much for participating in the Ready for Air Virtual Book Tour! I’m thrilled to have you all on board. Below is the line-up, and a number of items/links that might be of use to you as you think about your post. I know that many of you already know each other, but I hope that as a part of this tour, you’ll be introduced to someone new, as well!

Blog Tour Lineup

10/4 – Up Popped a Fox


10/7 – 5 Minutes for Mom Books

10/8 – Beth Kephart Books

10/9 – Megan Flatt

10/10 – Writing Wishing

10/11 – These Little Waves


10/14 – Extraordinary Ordinary

10/15 – Sellabit Mum

10/16 – A Design So Vast

10/17 – Katrina Kenison

10/18 – 6512 and Growing


10/21 – Mama Sweat

10/22 – Genie in a Blog

10/23 – Four Plus an Angel

10/24 – Angie Mizzell

10/25 – Journeys of the Zoo


10/28 – Café Mom

10/29 – Hallie Sawyer

10/30 –  Susan Ito

10/31 – Remains of the Day

11/1 – Good Day, Regular People


11/4 – Gillian Marchenko


The following items are available for for your use as part of the tour:

Cover Photo
Author Photo
Author Bio
Link to post for NICU giveaway copies
Skype Book Club Contest
Links to online booksellers where readers can buy Ready for Air
Links to podcasts and interviews with Kate (including the annual Motherhood & Words readings, during which Kate read portions of Ready for Air)

Book cover

RFA Cover


Author photo

Kate Hooper











Kate’s Bio

Kate Hopper is the author of Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood and Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers. Kate holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Minnesota and has been the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, and a Sustainable Arts Grant. Her writing has appeared in a number of journals, including BrevityLiterary Mama, Poets & Writers, and The New York Times online. She is an editor at Literary Mama. She teaches online and at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. For more information about Kate’s writing and teaching, visit


NICU Book Giveaway

As a part of the blog book tour, I’d love to have your readers suggest NICUs or Hospital Resource Centers that they think would benefit from a free copy of Ready for Air. Please have readers comment on this post on my blog ( and include in their comment the name and address of the hospital, specifying whether it goes to the NICU or family resource center, etc. At the end of the tour, I will randomly pick 15 hospitals to receive signed copies of Ready for Air.


Ready for Air Book Club Contest

October 1st kicks off the Ready for Air Book Club Contest. Please feel free to insert the following test (tweaked however you’d like) into your Ready for Air post.

Kate Hopper, author of Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood and Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers, wants to come to your book club. Enter your club to win one of three Skype or phone chats with the author to discuss her memoir. To enter the contest, please e-mail with the subject line “Ready for Air Book Club Contest,” and include a few sentences about why you’d like to have Kate visit your book club via Skype (or, if you’re in the Twin Cities, in person).  Contest deadline: October 31st.


Links to Online Booksellers




Barnes & Noble:


Author Q & A

Feel free to contact me @ if you’d like to do a Q & A. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Here is a prepared Q&A, as well. Feel free to use any portion of it.


Reading Podcasts & Interviews with Kate 

The following are Mom Enough podcasts of my annual Motherhood & Words Reading, in which I’m joined by fellow mother writers. I read excerpts of Ready for Air at each reading.

7th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading with Katrina Kenison and Caroline Grant

6th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading with Debra Gwartney and Amie Kempnauer Miller

5th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading with Jill Christman and Sonya Huber (who are hilarious!)

4th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading with Hope Edelman and Bonnie Rough

Kate discussing motherhood, writing, and teaching on Mom Enough